5 December 2023

Lijang in kleur

Oude Naxi vrouw - Old naxi woman

Poort in de oude stad, Lijang - Gate at the old town, Lijang

Brug, oude stad, Lijang - Bridge, old town, Lijang

Plein in de avond, Oude stad, Lijang - Square at night, old town, Lijang

Chinese lampen - Chinese lamps

Tempel  - Temple

Muziekhuis, Lijang - Music house, Lijang

Deuropening - Doorway

Oude dame met mand - Old lady with basket

Chili pepers - Chilli peppers

Beekje in de oude stad - Little stream in the old town

Vrouw in Baisha, een dorpje vlakbij Lijang - Woman in Baisha, a village near Lijang

Maonix - Maonix

Dorp - Village